The 8th International Meeting of the World March of Women





The 8th International Meeting of the World March of Women (WMW) will take place on November 20-25 in Quezon, in the Philippines. Up until the beginning of this month delegates from over 30 countries were registered, from Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe. The program of the meeting includes a debate on the outcome from the Third International Action of the WMW (more information at and the current social-economic-political situation when the March will put its struggles into practice and that will allow the identification of lines and plans of work for the 2012-2015 period.

There is a preparation document for this discussion, based in an interpretation of the economic, financial, environmental crisis and the crisis of the model of social reproduction of capitalism, which increases inequalities and contradictions. This document asserts that society reproduces violence against women as a mechanism that allows control over their bodies and lives. Social movements and organizations are invited to read the text available at:

The WMW International Committee also made a strategic discussion on the democratization of communication and the role of the predominant means of communication on the dissemination of ideas, values and an ideology that legitimates a certain role of women in the world. Read at: