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Rosalie Bertell: „Kriegswaffe Planet Erde“
Rosalie Bertell: "Arma de Guerra Planeta Tierra"

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– Book presentation Rosalie Bertell: „KRIEGSWAFFE PLANET ERDE“, J-K-Fischer Verlag 2011

– Book presentation Project Group „Zivilisationspolitik“: „Kann es eine ´NEUE ERDE´ geben?“, Peter Lang Verlag 2011

– Book presentation<. Claudia von Werlhof: Die Verkehrung. Das Projekt des Patriarchats und das Gender-Dilemma, Wien, Promedia 2011 - Discussion 4th informational letter of PBME - Current events: How to continue in 2012? WE URGENTLY NEED DONATIONS FOR 2012!! Claudia von Werlhof, Planet. Beweg. f. Mutter Erde Donation Account Nr.: 30053191867 Bank Nr.: 57000 Bank: Hypo Tirol Bank, Innsbruck IBAN: AT755700030053191867 BIC: HYPTAT22 4. Info-Letter: Inhalt /Contents / Contenido 1. Current article/s: about Bertell's book 2. Concerning our Association 3. Outreach work / activities 4. Publications 5. Other matters: - - Geo-Eengineering: Letting the cat out of the bag! - - Fukushima, life on Earth and us! Ad 1: Current article/s: We have finally found a publisher who will print Rosalie Bertell's book, including recent writings and an article by Clive Hamilton from Australia about Geo-engineering, at a very low price with all the bells and whistles. As part of the current article/s in the 4th Information-Letter we will therefore see the preface to the book of the author in German language, a preface by Vandana Shiva, member of the Council of the PMME and an introduction by Claudia von Werlhof. We would especially like to thank Genevieve Vaughan, the Gerda Weiler- Foundation, Maria Mies of the council of PMME, and the Interdisciplinary Platform for Research „Politics-Religion-Arts", University of Innsbruck, for their funds in support of the translation. „Kriegswaffe Planet Erde" -(Weapon of War: Planet Earth) - Preface and Introduction - Preface for the German Version of PLANET EARTH by Rosalie Bertell PhD There were two new shocking and horrendous military technologies introduced during World War II: the first has been in the forefront since its use by the U.S. against the Japanese people in 1945, namely, the Manhattan Project (the US, UK and Canadian collaborators) atomic bombs. The second was not very public during the war and was soon forgotten because of its later presentation as benign, exciting, and capturing the 'Buck Rogers' imagination of a future world where humans could fly through the air, and build rockets to search out the planets and travel to new galaxies! This was, of course the V-1 and V-2 rockets, first introduced near the end of the war by Germany and aimed at England and Europe. [Text and pictures are from:] The "V" stands for the German word "Vergeltungswaffe", which means "reprisal weapon". Due to a loophole in the Treaty of Versailles, which was signed at the end of World War I, Germans were restricted from producing artillery and other types of weapons However, there were no restrictions on rocket research and production. The V-1 looked like a small pilot-less plane, about four stories high. It was built in 1942 but went through many trials before it was operable. During its three years of experimentation, with the German government pressuring the scientists to get it finished, the research suffered numerous problems with the guidance system, engine failures, and electronic problems. It was finally launched against Britain on 13 June 1944 from a long ramp. It carried a 1,900 pound warhead at about 350 miles per hour (550 km per hour) at an altitude of about 3000 feet (914 meters) and had a maximum range of about 250 miles (400 km). The V-1's were particularly terrifying because they would arrive at all times of the day and in all types of weather. It flew below most of the British surveillance systems, made a buzzing noise, very different from that of a Bomber, and when it reached its target it became silent, dropped to the ground and caused a tremendous explosion. Its speed and stealth made air raid warnings impossible. The people called them 'buzz bombs'. Until March of 1945, about 6,000 people were killed by V-1s throughout Europe and about 40,000 were injured. The US was able to capture and copy some V-1 bombs, and they produced about a 1,000. However they were superceded by the atomic bomb and never used by the Allies in battle. The V-2 was the world's first ballistic missile. It was 46 feet (14 meters) tall, 5 feet 4 inches (1.6 meters) in diameter, and it was propelled by a liquid-fuel engine. The engine burned for about 60 seconds, lifting the rocket to a height of about 52 miles (84 km, or 276,000 ft). The engine would then shut off and the missile would fall to its target on a ballistic path determined by the pull of gravity. It had a maximum range of about 225 miles (362 km) and carried a 2,000 pound warhead, which was capable of destroying a large building. It was called a 'block buster'. It took about five minutes for the missile to travel its maximum range. The V-2 Rocket had a more accurate guidance system and was able to radio its position back to Germany, achieve much great accuracy than the V-1 rocket. However it cost about 20 times more than the V-1 and carried about the same size bomb. While the V-1 took almost an hour to fly 250 miles on its curved path, the V-2 covered the same distance in about 5 minutes. The V-2's were launched from mobile sites, including city streets! The V-2 was first used in combat in an attack on London on September 7, 1944. From this time until March of 1945, more than 1,100 V-2's fell in southern England, most around London and Norwich, causing about 2,700 deaths and over twice that many injuries. Another 2,000 of the missiles were fired at targets on the European continent, primarily Antwerp, Belgium, which had been re-captured by the Allies and had become an important Allied port. London was actually hit by 517 V-2's and 1,265 of the missiles hit Antwerp. At the height of their production, 700 V-2's per month were being built, most under very harsh conditions by slave laborers from concentration camps. A total of about 10,000 V-2's were made. The Germans were making plans to launch V-2's from submarines against the United States, but they were never successful, due to technical difficulties and the war's end. The V-2's might have caused Britain to surrender to the Germans had the war not been quickly terminated with the invasion of Italy and Normandy, and the march on Germany! Wernher Von Braun was bornMarch 23, 1912, in Wirsitz, Germany. He died June 16, 1977, in Alexandria, Virginia, of pancreatic cancer at age 65.One of the leading figures in the creation of V-1 and V-2rocket technology in Germanyand the United States. He was a member of the Nazi party and a commissioned SS officer. Wernher von Braun was said to be the preeminent rocket engineer of the 20th century. Wernher von Braun Von Braun standing at his desk at Marshall Space Flight Center(MSFC) in May 1964, with models of rockets developed and in progress. Picture from Wickepedia When Germany surrendered to the Allies as the American and Soviet troops met in April 1945, east of the Elbe River, the engineers behind the V-1 and V-2 technology fled from the Russians and managed to be caught by the US forces in Germany. The Leader, Wernher Von Braun was quickly removed to the US and employed in rocket science in a newly prepared laboratory outside of Huntsville, Alabama. He later became an American citizen. The George C. Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) is the U.S. government's rocketry and spacecraft propulsion research center. The original home of NASA, Marshall is today the agency's lead center for Space Shuttle propulsion and its external tank; payloads and related crew training; International Space Station (ISS) design and assembly; and computers, networks, and information management. It is located on the Redstone Military Arsenal near Huntsville, Alabama. MSFC is named in honor of the American General of the Army George Marshall. In other words, this is the center of research and development for the next war! This book is about the potential war which has gestated in the minds of the military planners for the last 60 years. It is no longer a nuclear war that is being planned. In fact I think that the nuclear issue has engaged the international community well beyond the time when it was abandoned by the military. What is now planned is weather/climate wars, wars involving earthquakes and volcanoes, floods and draught, hurricanes and monsoons. Let there be no mistake, the warriors are now able to tap earth's molten core for energy, interfere with the earth-sun, earth-moon and moon-sun feedback mechanisms. It is possible now to destroy the earth by crashing it into the sun, sending it spinning out to space, or even splitting it in two or burning it with a giant belch from the sun. This is no longer science fiction but the grim reality - and it lies in secrecy below the popular radar. We are all children of the universe. Billions of years before we were born, the furnace of the stars made, in prolific abundance, the basic chemicals which are needed for all of life, and the supernovas gave up their lives to make all of the heavier chemicals and trace metal which our bodies need to properly function. More than four billion years ago our Planet Earth was formed. Not too close or too far from our planet's sun, so that our temperature was just right to support life. Our Planet formed a moon, to rule over the night, the water waves and life-giving cycles. Water covered our early planet forming a chemical soup in which long molecules including the proteins of life were formed of the elements made in the stars. Then the waters receded to the places of oceans and the dry land flourished into grasses, trees, flowers, insects, butterflies, birds, amphibians, animals of all sorts and humans. How grateful we must be for this magnificent gift of life and all we have needed to sustain it over the last hundreds of thousands of years! Yet, today it is under threats never felt before in its entire unfolding journey! While the earth's human civic community has been trying to rid itself of nuclear weapons over the last 60 years, some economically developed nations have quietly moved into the realm of Geo-warfare. Geo-weaponry has recently been introduced to the public as a 'new' high tech way to mitigate the effects of global warming, much of the need resulting from military geo-experimentation, and it is being called "geo-engineering". Geo-engineering is defined as planetary-scale environmental engineering of our atmosphere: that is, manipulating our weather, our oceans, and our home planet itself. The methods that are being proposed in geo-engineering are already a reality without the public having participated in any debate, without even prior public notification, or democratic oversight. The proposed geo-engineering plans are based on a deep understanding of the earth system, learned through space and planet system exploration, which has been staggering in number and scope. Why have these experiments not been known to the public and openly discussed, even in so called democracies, although the geo-experiments have been taking place since the end of World War II? This question was answered by a geo-engineer at the February 2010 meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS): "...Studies show, however, that people make judgments based primarily on their values, belief systems, world views, and emotions. Facts play a much more minor role. This gap cannot be bridged by loading the public with facts, or trying to make the public more science literate..." I have wanted my book known in Germany, where this technology had its birth and early development! I wanted Germans to see that their scientists could switch loyalty and their grand war plans could grow into a monster for waging war against all life on Planet Earth! This could easily happen again to any nation having the newer technologies of killing and the art of manipulating the forces of Nature. It would not lead this time to any dream of life without natural limits, or global dominance. Instead it would leave the planet without life or literature or music or poetry or sports or beauty - just desolation. In early March Claudia von Werlhof contacted me and told me of the persecution she was suffering after a remark she made in a public interview. I will let Claudia tell her own story: "It started with an interview for the well-known newspaper Der Standard in Vienna, in which several more or less well known people were interviewed about the economic crisis. I was chosen for an interview too. It appeared under the title: "Capitalism, a project of destruction". I explained our approach, a Critical Theory of Patriarchy in a few sentences. There was not much space, of course. In the end I pointed to the international debate about Haiti and the rumors that the earthquake might have been produced artificially. After that I was accused of saying things that are not scientific and cannot be true. This accusation was made publicly by the director of the Institute of Political Science where I have been working for 21 years. He said that I damaged the institute by pointing to the international debate about the possible artificiality of the earthquake in Haiti. "There were hundreds of comments published, 900 within a few days, and 20.000 in the Internet altogether! All were negative and extremely aggressive, shouting at me as a conspiracy theorist, mocking at me as a woman, as a social scientist, as a teacher etc. in effect: 'she is mentally ill and should be removed from her position'. The extreme right party in Vienna (BZÖ) even formally accused me of being mentally ill in front of the public prosecutor in Innsbruck and demanded I be removed from the University. "In the meantime I have gotten a lot of information from all over the world about these experiments, and especially also from biologist, chemist and environmentalist Dr. Rosalie Bertell who got the Right Livelihood Award for her work in 1986 and who wrote: Planet Earth. The Latest Weapon of War, the result of her lifelong research about the history of HAARP. In this book she states that artificial earthquakes are part of the new techniques of non-nuclear planetary mass destruction and a dangerous manipulation of the planet itself, as developed by the military. After I had asked her for more information about Haiti on the 22nd of March she wrote: 'Dear Claudia, I am sorry for your trouble. It is true that several countries now have the technology to cause earthquakes. There was also what looked like a plasma streak in the sky over Haiti before the earthquake. However, these may have been unrelated, and if they were related we cannot be sure which country caused the quake. I have written about this and other new technologies in my book: Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War. It is available in all Universities in Canada and is used as a text book in some U.S. Universities. You might be able to get a copy in Europe. Otherwise I could send it to you.'" Needless to say we became friends, and I sent Claudia a copy of my book prior to her "Documentation of the Campaign of the Media and the Institute of Political Science against Claudia Von Werlhof, University of Innsbruck" in April 2010, Innsbruck, Austria. On Wednesday, 14 April 2010, Claudia wrote to tell me that the Rector of the University wrote a formal letter in which he stated that he stood behind her as a support in this controversy! She had already found a friend who was beginning to translate my book into German! Part of Claudia's statement in the Documentation touched me deeply: "Together with Dr. Bertell we have to ask ourselves for instance how far the so called climate change is influenced by these [military] developments and tests. I, therefore,understand the "global Warming", or more precisely now as GLOBAL WARNING"! The earthquake weapon represents only one example of the horrible arsenal of (also non-nuclear) technologies for mass extermination. There are several others which could be called weapons of natural disaster or "ecology"- or "energy"-weapons and they even surpass the Biological and Chemical weapons regarding their mass impact. In other words: WE are literally thrown into a "world war" with and at the same time against the planet and all its present and future life - inside and outside of it - and at the same time we are kept in complete ignorance of this fact. To put it clearly: They are about to murder the Great Mother, the earth herself." Scientists rarely live to see the full development of their research. They do not see what doors they have opened and in what deadly effects they have participated. It should serve as a warning to all scientists, and especially to all of those who have dedicated their talent to the creation of weapons of death! Let them convert their talents to civilian works which enhance and protect life! We are clearly in a struggle over whether to live on and enjoy this beautiful earth, or to destroy it and create an artificial 'man-made' robotic world. If we choose the latter it will prove to be a false goal because we will have destroyed everything that was truly important! It should also stand as a warning to Nations that war is no longer an option of international 'diplomacy'. There is no dispute that cannot be settled by an unbiased international court. One time when I was visiting Fiji, the Island Nation in the Pacific with the most ferocious warriors, I was told the story about how the Chief of Fiji surrendered to the British. This brave warrior handed his spear to the British and asked to be taught how to be governed by law before the Fijian Nation destroyed itself. The British occupiers accepted the challenge but continued to fear the Fijians, and they brought in people from India to serve both themselves and the Fijians. We people of the world are now like the Fijians - people who recognize that war will lead to the demise of ourselves, our civilizations, and our nourishing planet Earth. We need to cooperate with the United Nations and the International Court, help them to grow in competency and learn to settle our differences through a court of law. We need to model our behavior on the Human Rights Covenants and the Earth Charter, and put away our weapons, rockets, atomic and hydrogen bombs, chemical and biological warfare agents where they can never be retrieved or released into our atmosphere, water or land! We need to destroy the HAARP and Woodpecker, and put Tesla science to enhance life and health rather than war and death. We the people will give a new task to our Nations: namely, that of living harmoniously within international laws and standards, so this planet, our Mother Earth, may again flourish and the seeds of the future may be preserved. This book lays forth everyone's task so that all may participate in the Great Work of Peace! The Movement for the Rights of Mother Earth Preface by Dr. Vandana Shiva We are in the midst of an epoch-making contest - the contest between the rights of Mother Earth, and rights of corporations and militarized states. This contest is between the laws of Gaia, and the laws of the market and warfare. It is a contest between wars against Planet Earth and peace with Earth. There are planetary wars taking place with geo-engineering - creating artificial volcanoes, fertilizing the oceans with iron filings, putting reflectors in the sky to stop the sun from shining on the Earth, as if the sun was the problem, not man's violence against the earth, and the arrogant ignorance in dealing with it. Rosalie Bertrell's book "Planet Earth" focuses on militarized assault on the planet's climate system. Yet this planetary war is being offered as a solution to climate change. In 1997, Edward Teller co-authored a white paper "Prospects for Physics-based modulation of global change", where he advocated the large scale introduction of metal particulates into the upper atmosphere to apply an effective "sunscreen". Rosalie Bertell gave us early warnings about this deepening war against the earth. I am so glad the German edition of her book is now being published. It is a wakeup call for us all. We must stop this war against the Earth. Together we must start making peace with the Earth by recognizing and repeating the Rights of Mother Earth. The Pentagon is looking to breed immortal synthetic organisms with the goal of eliminating "the randomness of natural evolutionary advancement". What is being done with the climate is being done with the evolutionary code of the universe, with total indifference for the consequences. As the 2009 Synthetic Biology Report states, the concern that humans might be over reaching when we create organisms that never before existed, can be a safely concern, but it also returns us to disagreements about what is our proper role in the natural world. There is an intense scramble for the earth's resources and ownership of nature. Big oil, big pharma, big food, big seed companies are joining hands to appropriate biodiversity and biomass - the living carbon - to extend the age of fossil fuel and dead carbon. Corporations view the 75% biomass used by nature and local communities as "wasted". They would like to appropriate the living wealth of the planet for making biofuels, chemicals, plastics. This will dispossess the poor of the very sources of their lives and livelihoods. The instruments for the new dispossession are technological tools of genetic engineering, synthetic biology and intellectual property rights. Turning the living wealth of the planet into the property of corporations through patents is a recipe for deepening the poverty and ecological crisis. Biodiversity is our living commons - the basis of life and commons. We are only part of nature, not her masters and owners. Intellectual Property Rights on life forms, living resources and living processes is an ethical, ecological and economic perversion. We need to recognize the rights of Mother Earth and therefore the intrinsic value of all her species and living processes. We need to recognize the sovereignty of diverse knowledge systems including traditional knowledge. And we need to reclaim our biological and intellectual commons for both ecological sustainability and economic justice. Weapon of War: Planet Earth Introduction by Claudia von Werlhof I am delighted to have Rosalie Bertell's book „Planet Earth. The Latest Weapon of War" now available to us in German together with the different updates. The "Planetary Movement for Mother Earth" was founded in mid of 2010 and developed out of cognizance to this book, which has since served as its scientific foundation (0). The movement has financed its translation from English through funds and has undertaken a long search for a publisher. This was a piece of hard work with many setbacks. Many publishers declined the manuscript, categorizing the text as being „conspiracy theory", others declined arguing that the context in which the book was to be published was too "feministic". None of them obviously deemed the overwhelming and shocking facts important enough! Precisely these facts are the evidence proving the content of not being any kind of conspiracy theory! However, finally the people of the German speaking world can read for themselves about what is being undertaken behind our backs, for decades already, with the aim of literally converting our „Mother Earth" into nothing less than an enormous weapon of war! This weapon, still in its developmental stages, not only endangers life on earth, it actually even poses a threat to Earth itself. This was in any case the entirely unimaginable conclusion of the Canadian American scientist Dr. Rosalie Bertell (1929), a biologist, chemist, biometrician, environmental and health expert who has tirelessly spent her professional life working in theory and practice - i.e. as an expert for the UN - and as the president of the „International Institute of Concern for Public Health", IICP, Toronto, which was founded by her. Having realized through her work that nuclear technologies pose a risk to the environment, even during standard operation, and therefore have the potential of mass destruction without a MCA having taken place, she began her work by getting to the bottom of the dangers posed by nuclear weapons and technologies. As a next step she dedicated herself to the global dangers that had emerged from post nuclear weapon systems and technologies and continue to endanger the globe to this day. She sees her mandate in warning and educating the public of these findings and calls for resolute involvement of civilian society. She was awarded the Right Livelihood Award for her book „No Immediate Danger? Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth" (1985) in 1986. This topic is absolutely up to date in regard to the ultimate MCA of Fukushima and its effects which have outweighed those of Chernobyl by far and haven't even manifested themselves fully, as they are totally inconceivable and unpredictable (1). Her book "Planet Earth. The Latest Weapon of War" written in 2000 (London, The Women's Press), however, never became very well known. The London based publisher went out of business the same year and the book's distribution ended. It would have deserved another award for sure! For there has never been a comparable book written that has taken on the topic of the development of post nuclear war technology and technology of mass destruction since World War II - first in the East, later in the West - that has been as comprehensive. It would be highly appreciated were it to be released in other languages as well, a Japanese translation and publication already exists. The author's motivation for her intense engagement in these topics is truly ethical. For her Planet Earth is a sensitive, wonderful and friendly cosmic being, unique in the universe, which has not yet been or is not being understood anymore by us or science. Unlike our indigenous people, who understood the earth differently and whose descendants still do. They view(ed) the earth and everything upon, under and around it as being vital and did not perceive themselves to be its masters. The view of the earth that emerged in the modern era, believing the earth and its beings to be „dead matter" which can be taken possession of randomly and for whatever purpose, in fact, was and still is completely foreign to these indigenous people. In the meanwhile the earth is being maliciously damaged even before this kind of an insight re-emerges here in the north of the „modern world system", as intended by alternative movements; nobody knows even rudimentarily what unforeseeable and possibly irreversible damage this has already caused and will furthermore. Bertell herself quotes observations concerning the damage of the internal as well as external magnetic field of the earth and of different layers of the atmosphere influencing the weather, further the true causes of the hole in the ozone layer and therefore the possible presence of life-threatening cosmic radiation on earth, a possible geomagnetic shift outside of its inherent rhythm - caused by artificial interference and impairment of the earth's magnetic field, and a decrease of strength of the Gulf Stream as a result of the deliberate thawing of the Arctic Zone (3). Bertell's concluding sentences state the following: „I hope this book has given readers some inspiration as to how they might become involved in helping this peaceful planet evolve to its full potential. Despite years of abuse, it is still an amazing and beautiful creation. It deserves our best efforts. Enjoy it, love it, and save it!" What else? We will have no choice anyhow! Or have we taken leave of our senses to an extent to which we will simply sit back and watch „how our planet is slowly being wrecked", as she expresses herself? Rosalie Bertell, who is internationally regarded as an eco-feminist due to her crystal clear commitment to „Mother Earth", is a member of the Roman Catholic congregation "Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart" in Pennsylvania, USA. The congregation enables her to work independently and has always supported her. Thus, as opposed to mainstream scientists, she is not under pressure to serve the mechanistic modern conception of the world which promotes a ruthless „do-ability" and an unconditional „domination over nature" or „demise of nature"; and as opposed to the Church which actually does not hold anything against this world view (anymore), she is insistent on the world - in the large and small sense - being vital and on the fact that it must not be harmed under any circumstances. I have known for years that Rosalie Bertell and her book by the title of Planet Earth exist. However, I actually encountered her and the book during my attempt to learn about what had really occurred in the case of the devastating earthquake in January 2010 in Haiti. I had heard from prominent voices, that an „artificially induced" earthquake seemed to have taken place, and I was profoundly shocked at that prospect. When I gave an account about this possibility in an interview about the general „crisis" to the daily newspaper "Der Standard" in February of 2010 in Vienna, hoping to contribute to the beginnings of an investigation, something entirely different happened. For weeks to come I was stalked by mainly Austrian media and labeled as a conspiracy theorist, an ignorant and an insane woman; the damage I had supposedly caused in public led to difficulties at work, the department of Political Science at the University of Innsbruck where I have been a full professor for Women's Studies and Political Science since 1988. In fact, during my absence sometime at the beginning of March even my apartment was searched with the objective of finding data media with information about Haiti; another fact supporting the hypothesis that something was not quite as it seemed. By the end of it I understood that I would have to embark on this journey in search of the truth about Haiti myself and that was how I made contact with Ms. Bertell. She explained to me how there was no hard evidence in the case of Haiti, however, that she thought it indeed possible that this had been an artificially induced earthquake; she sent me her book. An eye opener for me and beyond that a feeling as if the quake was taking place within my own depths. Since I am not a natural scientist, what I read was completely new for me and moreover so absolutely outrageous that it felt quite unbearable. From what I read it follows that this really exists, these massive „Earthquake Technologies" as stated in the UN Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques of 1977 (ENMOD): „... earthquakes and tsunamis, an upset in the ecological balance of a region, or change its weather patterns (clouds, precipitation, cyclones of various types, and tornadic storms), in the state of the ozone layer or ionosphere, in climate patterns, or in ocean currents" (5). In this case the stakes are a lot higher than the less impactful measures taken by the petroleum industry, which I had heard of, and that had been in use for the detection of oil fields. Yes, there were obviously many more „Natural Disaster"- technologies, and they have not just emerged today, they have existed for decades! In the realm of conspiracy theory the UN is definitely inconspicuous! So since it has described these technologies 35 years ago it cannot have been phantasm - from earthquakes, over tsunamis to hurricanes, from weather changes causing flooding as well as dehydration and fires, from severe weather to the changes in the air and ocean currents - it's all doable! Therefore the UN's objective was to prevent the application of these technologies as weapons for hostile purposes through the convention; so they were obviously in use then already! And so Rosalie Bertell states in her preface to the German edition of her book: „What is planned now are climate and weather wars, wars in which earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flooding and drought periods, hurricanes and monsoon rains will play a role." Why did none of us know about this? Hadn't weapons been used in the Vietnam War that could influence weather? Why have the peace movement and the critics of technology, who were very active until into the 90s, why have the new social movements, the green movement and eco-feminism generally not found a voice in this respect? The connection is certainly the belief we were talked into, namely that there would be no more wars after the end of socialism. The ENMOD (Environmental Modification) - Convention means nothing less than that we have not been able to define for decades anymore which of the so called natural disasters were actually natural and which ones occur due to technological manipulation. Like it or not, today we need to take into consideration that any kind of disaster, including our so called climate change, is possibly created artificially, by the military, and therefore not solely caused by mankind in general as the CO2 hypothesis asserts! In fact, while the cause for the thawing of the Arctic region is allegedly due to CO2 emissions and none of the international climate conferences even mention a possible involvement of the military, Bertell quotes Lowell Ponte (3) who explains that the thawing of the Arctic region with the use of ELF waves (extremely low frequency) had been agreed upon in a secret meeting between the Soviets and the Americans in Vladivostok in 1974 already! Recently, the press has been reporting collaboration between Exxon Mobile and the Russians since the end of August 2011 with the purpose of accessing natural resources, especially crude oil, beneath the ice. Now it has become possible, thanks to the thawing out! Wouldn't an ice free North West Passage in summer be a wonderful transportation route in order to avoid having to go through the Panama Canal and therefore justifying the war against mother earth for economic reasons? According to Bertell the key to all these questions lies in the military. She has dared to take on this taboo topic which nearly nobody else has done, dedicating her life to it. She must have a keen sense for getting at information that has not been made public by the media, since practically nothing concerning the military ever goes public. Nevertheless, records exist, events have taken place and there are reports and comments; all this has been collected meticulously by her and is now being presented as a sober chronology of the development taking place over the last 50 years. Maybe, well probably, she has missed some of them, the most secret ones, and so she highlights the occurrences of which we are simply ignorant - about what happened, what the consequences possibly were or might be in future. However, her descriptions of actual cases prove that a new reality has begun to exist on earth and is going unnoticed by us: the wanton destruction in an all-encompassing manner, not even sparing the planet as a whole! Therefore this introduces a new form of war to the world, one that isn't declared, and cannot be proven until today, one that seems to have evolved to a permanent condition, one that affects the civilian population and nature, and whose motive can only be scrutinized by asking the question "Cui bono?" - Who does it benefit? (6). How will the millions of victims of the accumulating natural disasters respond after learning that their suffering was probably utterly unnecessary? Why does this literally designed planetary war exist? According to Bertell the answer is simple: Destruction is the task of a military institution. Viewed in this light the new technologies are nothing less than weapons. "The military never uses the same weapons it used in previous wars", she says. And: "The military is ahead of others by 50 years!" So while the anti-nuclear movement is busy with its struggle against nuclear arsenals, the military has long since moved from nuclear weapons to "plasma weapons, weather wars and geo- engineering". At this point finally the question about the technologies used arises. What is actually happening? How can it be possible to trigger huge natural disasters? How is it possible to threaten the whole planet? How come no regular (natural) scientist can see what is going on or just dismisses it as not believable? Rosalie Bertell highlights the development: beginning with the nuclear tests undertaken in the upper atmosphere, followed by the attempts to influence the magnetic field and the weather of regions of the earth, up to the attempt to influence the electrically charged layers of the air, the so called ionosphere, or rather its "plasma", an energetic aggregate state beyond solid, liquid or gaseous. And this indeed is where we see a, for us, new technology and science being employed: the work of the ostracized, disowned Serbo-Croat Nicolas Tesla (1856 - 1943), ridiculed as being a nutcase. The whole foundation of the new technology of the East and later of the West is based on his work and experiments concerning electricity, electromagnetism and the artificial induction of electromagnetic waves. Tesla, who belonged to a new generation of scientists innovating a „new physics" ranging from the theory of relativity to quantum theory, had begun to work differently than mainstream natural science which is still based on a 17th century mechanistic world view. He actually viewed the world in its reality as opposed to it being a mere model: namely as being in motion, in vital motion. Not only did he discover alternating current, on which our whole lifestyle builds, he also began to experiment with the intervention of this motion by its very own means and to increase it enormously through rhythmic escalation. The potential of these experiments for new weapons technology was first recognized by the Soviet military. Tesla, however, rejected any military use of his discoveries since he believed that these weapons would be disastrous enough to destroy the entire planet. In this respect his hope was that the knowledge about this destructive potential would deter any military from putting such weapons to use. However, now they are being used even though we have no idea how far reaching this is already or might be, or if the scalar weapons described by Tesla (a further development of electromagnetic weapons) may be in action already in whatever form (7). Even though not verifiable, Bertell believes it to be probable. There is only one thing we non-natural scientists must ask for: we are in need of research and publications in order to facilitate a general discussion on the topic, much as Bertell's motto: If the military is messing with the air, the water and the earth, then we must learn about that, for this concerns our basis of existence! There is nothing less at risk than the militarization, privatization, and impairment or even the loss of mankind and the earth! The HAARP (High Active Auroral Research Program) facility in Alaska, which uses Tesla's findings and has been built in accordance to the so called „Woodpecker" in the Soviet Union has many more replicas all over the world, also in Europe (i.e. Eiskat in Tromsö, monitored by the German Max Planck Institute), and does nothing less than to expose us to these risks. Today we figure that there are 1-2 dozen of these facilities to be found around the globe. Viewing the official patents, like the US HAARP patents of the physicist Eastlund, is sufficient to get an impression of what could possibly be planned and beyond that, how it is being put to use continuously! These kinds of experiments cannot be produced in a laboratory. They can only exist as field trials and the earth itself is their guinea pig! Besides the plasma weapons that function through electromagnetic radiation of the ionosphere, heating it up and making it bulge so the rays can be redirected to selected points on earth where they are capable of causing enormous destruction, as Tesla and Bertell point out, weapons exist with which weather wars can be launched. It is assumed that besides the Russians, the Americans are very progressive in this field as the Air Force document of 1996 titled „Owning the Weather in 2025" demonstrates. The content of the document was certainly not intended to be a joke, and we are past half time. Can these experiments, and if yes then which ones (?), be held accountable for the accumulation of weather phenomena in the past years? Or are we already witnesses of attacks in an undeclared global war with natural disasters? So that leaves the so called technology of geo-engineering as a new weapon of war. According to Bertell, the matter of concern is the measures that are being taken by the military and are holding the earth as a whole in their vice grip. Again, this is something known only to a minority; geo-engineering, as in "Solar Radiation Management", is promoted as a promising measure to counteract climate change (8) when the actual motive is the utilization of it as "Geological Weapons" (Bertell). This scenario has been taken apart by the ethicist Clive Hamilton, an Australian colleague who speaks up in Bertell's book. And once again the UN has pointed the way with its Moratorium against geo-engineering in Nagoya, Japan 2010. It is of course nothing new that there is still no public discussion taking place, although the measures of the geo-engineers have been put in place long ago! (9) Meanwhile one thing has become clear. All these facts cannot be discounted by simply labeling them as conspiracy theory. A public debate over the matter needs to begin at last! Precisely for this reason we have founded the "Planetary Movement for Mother Earth" which now counts around 650 members throughout the world. Apart from Rosalie Bertell, the world renowned physicist and laureate of the Right Livelihood Award, we have won the critical voice of genetic engineering, advocate for small peasants, physicist and eco-feminist Dr. Vandana Shiva from India and the internationally well-established advocate of the subsistence perspective as an alternative to capitalism and patriarchy, Prof. Dr. Maria Mies from Germany, as our "counselors". In our view the questions about why and how this insanity is actually taking place have not yet been answered. We can, however, offer the new paradigm of „Critical Theory of Patriarchy" which we have developed in Innsbruck during the past 20 years, as a perspective (10); this is actually viewed by Rosalie Bertell as an appropriate framework for the German publication of her book. Based on the critical view on technologies of patriarchy as utopian projects of "creation out of destruction" or respectively destruction out of so called creation, this approach could draw our attention to the true nexus. Thus, after having dominated nature and especially micro-nature (nuclear, genetic, and nano technologies), the military and its scientists are attempting to control macro nature, the planet as a whole. This means that the intention is to transform it (the planet) into a kind of mega- machine which will "obey" their every command. And so the risk of the destruction of life on earth, yes, of the earth itself, is taken for this hybris, with full awareness in order to literally achieve the domination over the world and over a technologically transformed planet! They are therefore nothing more than evil nihilists, psychopaths, criminals, dark magicians and „alchemists", military alchemists who believe that they are actually able to create „a new heaven and a new earth" by „disassembling" the old one and „reconstructing" it as a new and "superior" formation. Is their aim to be a godlike biblical being and to make the apocalypse come true? What kind of an awakening we are in for! Innsbruck, September 2011