Petition for Kosova Women’s Network

condemning the murder of Diana and demanding responsibility from institutions

KWN calls upon citizens to join us at a march to condemn the murder of Diana and to demand responsibility from institutions. The murder which happened 18 May as a consequence of domestic violence, where Diana Kastrati (27) lost her life, has deeply disturbed the citizens of Kosova and us as the Kosova Women’s Network. This is the fourth case in 12 months where a woman has lost her life as a result of domestic violence. Come MARCH TODAY at 18:00, starting from the National Theatre. Please also email if you want to SIGN THE PETITION (text below), by Wednesday, 25 May, 17:00.


To: Kosovo Police, Kosovo Judicial Council, Fellow citizens

We, the Kosova Women’s Network and the undersigned citizens and organizations, are deeply disturbed by and condemn the murder of Diana Kastrati (27) in Prishtina on 18 May, in what appears to be a clear case of domestic violence entering the public sphere. This is the fourth woman who has died as a result of domestic violence in the last 12 months. We demand:

1). An immediate response on behalf of the Kosovo police to find and collect evidence against the perpetrator.
2). Courts expedite this and other still unresolved cases related to domestic violence, such as the unfortunate death of Dr. Igballe Lalloshi that remains unresolved more than a year later.
3). Commitment from our fellow citizens to actively condemn and speak out against violence within the homes of our family members, neighbors and friends.

We cannot sit idly by, in silence, while our fellow citizens suffer violence and are murdered. We must report the violence we see. We must take action by informing our loved ones of their legal rights and encouraging them to seek protection, via protection orders and other legal means. We must demonstrate to people still living in situations of violence that they are not alone and that we stand behind them.

Signed by:

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