Invest in Caring, Not Killing!

Because the vital contribution mothers and other carers make to survival and well-being is unrecognised and unpaid.

Because whether employed or unemployed, whether in the kitchen, the field, the hospital, the factory or the office, what we earn is stolen to pay for bombs and banks, while food security, housing, health, education and the environment suffer.

Because both in the Global South and the Global North we are forced to work harder and longer for less or for nothing at all.

Because East and West, South and North people are refusing discrimination, destitution, repression and exploitation.
WE DEMAND change, like people everywhere. We demand recognition and payment for all caring work, a shorter working week for women and for men, pay equity not only between women and men but across the globe, and non-polluting energy and technology so that we and our planet can survive.

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