Actúa Mujer (Costa Rica)

Actúa Mujer“ International Arts Program for the empowerment of women and girls, in Costa Rica.
Actúa Mujer“ Programa Internacional de artes para el empoderamiento de mujeres y niñas.

We demand:

  1. Girls have the right to a dignified role in society, where they are visible as girls and women, where they are represented and find social models that promote equality and non-violence against women; where they find organisations and institutions which protect them against exclusionary and discriminatory practices against girls and women. Both girls and boys have the right to culture and art that empowers them in becoming active agents in building a more just and equitable society
  2. Women have the right to art that represents them and their bodies in a dignified way that is free of violence. We make art that comes from the freedom of our bodies, emotions, social and spiritual context
  3. Women and girls have rights to new ways of knowing their bodies, recover their ancestral and current memory, women have rights to build their stories, both individual and collective

Actúa Mujer
Oficina: (506) 2222- 54-56