Global Women’s Strike (in Guyana, India, Peru, the US)

The Global Women’s Strike is an international network for recognition & payment for all caring work, and for military spending to go back to the community starting with women as the main carers. Last year, as well as this year, our focus for the 12th march are mothers, the world’s main carers.

We demand:

  1. Payment for all caring work – in wages, pensions, land & other resources. What is more valuable than raising children & caring for others? Invest in life & welfare, not military budgets & prisons
  2. Pay equity for all, women & men, in the global market
  3. Food security for breastfeeding mothers, paid maternity leave and maternity breaks. Stop penalizing us for being women
  4. Don’t pay ‚Third World debt‘. We owe nothing, they owe us
  5. Accessible clean water healthcare, housing, transport, literacy
  6. Non-polluting energy & technology which shortens the hours we work. We all need cookers, fridges, washing machines, computers, & time off!
  7. Protection & asylum from all violence & persecution, including by family members & people in positions of authority
  8. Freedom of movement. Capital travels freely, why not people?

Global Women's StrikeEngland
Mothers March in Guyana, India, Peru, the US.
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